Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you're still reading

I congratulate you for being so loyal to this tiny blog. I really admire your patience with me. To be honest, I had pronounced it dead.
But, something's seem to come back to life even after you try to kill them, and it's much the same in fashion. So my blog has been revived, mouth-to-screen resuscitation and all that.
I can't promise I'm going to write all the time, and ignore my post about try tutorials from fashion magazines, because I don't really want to do that anymore. 
I might just write about what I'm doing, wearing, seeing and thinking.
I haven't quite decided. But I really just wanted to say how awesome it is that people are still reading. I will try to keep things as humorous as possible, because it's more enjoyable for both you and me. It probably is not very nice that I make fun of people and trends, but isn't that what the internet is for? I think so...
If you don't agree with me, that's cool. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If this is your first post reading, you should start from the beginning and work your way up to this post.

I haven't showered in close to two days, so that is what I will probably do. I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with, so fret not. I will be back soon. If you're looking for a piece of fashion advice in this tiny post it is:

Unless you're at the beach/pool/lake, don't wear your teeny cut-off raggedy shorts in public.

 There you go. It's extremely white-trash, unless you're in middle school, which in that case means you're the most popular girl in 8th grade. Stop it, right now.

Here's a picture, enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I hope you've missed me...

I know I promised to begin my blogging again as soon as school started, unfortunately I've been a tad busy and a tad short on ideas. Cosmo hasn't had any thrilling ideas, but I'll keep digging and see what I can come up with.

On the other hand, if you're desperately missing my writing, I suggest you check out my blogging on CocoKouture ! Yes, be so excited. Unfortunately, I don't get to choose my own posts, but you still can read them! I only have one posted so far, and I'm working on another one currently. If you would like to see my lovely face and bio, scroll down to the bottom (the very very bottom) and click on The CocoKouture Team. And Voila! You should see my name. And it should take you to my one post. I think.
I will try my hardest to blog soon! I have one teensy weensy idea I would like to start (I've just been lazy), but I have more than enough free time.

Thank you for still reading even though I never update! It is definitely appreciated.

Monday, January 10, 2011

On a side note

This is such an amazing quote. I just thought I would post it because I have been missing my blog since I decided not to start my quest until I return to school.
Just thought I would share.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

Yay! Fireworks!
As we go forth into 2011, tradition tells us that we need to make resolutions for this upcoming year. I was reading an article in Time that said the top ten most broken New Years resolutions. They included lose weight, eat healthy, save money, etc. If you'd like to take a gander at it click here.
I also read another article (I read a lot) in Vogue, written by editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, that said instead of making resolutions, she made a list of the things she is most excited for this year. I like this idea quite a bit better. I haven't made my list yet, because I've been a tad busy, but I know some of the things on it. I would definitely recommend trying this idea, because it's a new approach to a tired tradition. I have never kept any of my resolutions, let alone make very many. 
But enough about me, I wanted to talk about how I'm going to be changing my blog this year. I love my blog, even though I forget to write or get too busy, I absolutely adore writing it once I've started. I know I only have a handful of people who read it on a regular basis, and I really appreciate all the support and it makes me excited to know that people somewhat enjoy what I'm creating.
However, I get bored writing about my own take on things sometimes. I doubt my advice is all that useful, because I'm not an expert and therefore really am not that credible, I just talk about what I know. And unfortunately because I am a poor college student, I can not afford haute couture coming off the runways. I don't live in Beverly Hills, so I can't peruse Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel. Hell, Flagstaff doesn't even have a Nordstrom. 
So I'm going to try writing about something different. Something I can hopefully always be able to write about. Who knows, this could change in six months and  I will be trying to something different. But experimenting is fun. So, starting as soon as I'm settled back in school after winter break I am going to be chronicling my magazine experiences. I don't know if this is the best way to describe what I will be doing, but it will suit. I receive a few magazine subscriptions, and I can pick up a few more. But ultimately, my goal is to try and do the tutorials, the trends, and possibly the fitness routines located inside these magazine, and then writing about my experiences and what worked and what didn't work.
Are you so excited?!
Maybe not, but I am. 
Obviously, I wont be able to try all of them. I have limited resources. But I will do as much as I can. I also resolve to post more pictures, and not just ones I get from google. Ones of me doing the things I say I'm doing. Deal?
I just wanted to get you  excited for what is ahead!
I will get back to you in a week or two.
Au Revoir

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Ankles May Be a Bit Chilly This Winter...

The boot of the season just happens to be the ankle boot. I'm not saying tall boots are out of style, over-the-knee boots are definitely in style now. But if you want to be a step ahead then ankle boots are definitely next. Unfortunately they don't give you quite as much protection or warmth as a taller boot, but fashion is not without suffering every now and then. I think these will also make a nice transition from winter into spring because they don't cover as much leg, so they can be worn when it's warmer out.

There are tons of styles to choose from. Platform, flat, wedge, pump, etc. Personally, I just acquired a pair with a wedge, and I am obsessed with them. My room mate also just bought an adorable pair of ankle boot pumps. I also like the flat leather ones, that have some type of bedazzlement (<- this is actually a real word) on them. I'm not sure I like the suede ankle boots because they turn people into elves, but go with whatever you feel.
I would advise to get a pair of closed-toe ones, at least for winter. They are easier to wear tights with, and look more like boots. If you're looking for a pair of pumps, they can be found everywhere. It just depends on specifically what you're looking for. Ross and Marshalls have cute ones, but so do department stores.

Wedges are almost impossible to find, I spent forever looking. Definitely check this link, they have tons of ankle boots. I think they will start coming out with more soon though if you would like to hold out for those.
Depending on what your kind of style you have, these can be worn many ways. I think it's cute when you can see your ankles, so I like to wear them with leggings or skinny jeans. But they are just as cute with tights and a dress/skirt. If it wasn't so darn cold up here (and if I ever decided to shave my legs...), I would love to wear them with shorts and a worn out tee.

I find mine to be pretty comfy, but I don't have any experience with the platforms. However, pain is beauty so you probably don't really worry about comfort all that much.

Happy Boot-ing!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tighten Up

A necessity to any closet. And a cheap necessity at that. Tights might quite possibly be my favorite thing invented. And I say that about a lot of things. But this time I really mean it.
They have a million names: tights, stockings, hosiery, and sometimes they can be mistaken for leggings. Which they're not. But we'll get to that later. Whichever you would like to call them, you should definitely wear them. And patterned ones are ones of the best ways to dress up a boring outfit. Heck, you can even wear them with shorts. But only under certain conditions with certain outfits.
But first some fun tights that I love but you can only get them in stylish places like New York and Paris. </3

Maybe one day...

Anyways, even if you think these are a bit crazy you should still buy some tights. Black ones are the easiest because you can wear them with everything. However there are two different kinds: opaque and normal. 

Opaque tights are more sheer and should never be worn under shorts. Regular ones are a bit more durable, and you can't see your legs quite as well through them. They are super cute under shorts with boots or heels with a big sweater. 

They also have sweater tights, which are amazing in the winter to say the least. The name is literally what you are getting, sweaters for your legs. I have also found that Target makes  fleece-lined tights. Other retailers probably manufacture these as well, but I have only notice them at Target. These are also amazing when winter rolls around. Nothing gets through these babies. I even wear them under jeans when it is freezing out.
Colored tight have also been very popular. These neon colors definitely draw the attention to your legs. Just be careful, bright colors make your body appear larger, so if you're not comfortable with that then I wouldn't recommend buying these. If you do decide to go for it, make sure you pair them with mostly neutral colors, but instead of just black try beige or gray. 

I'm  not a huge fan of fishnets unless it's Halloween. I'll leave that to the steam-punk princesses. They definitely can be worn, just with the right outfits. I don't really want to recommend one because I would hate to send you in the wrong direction.

Nude stockings are cute if you need to wear them to work, and also you can hide your un-shaved legs. Just make sure you match your skin tone accordingly.

Spanx are also very popular, they help you if you're not super confident in your hips, stomach or thighs. They give you a slimmer looking figure without having to wear a girdle.

I blew through that. My crash-course on tights, and why you should own at least two or three pairs. If you're looking for a super good deal on tights, I have always found the best ones at Ross or Marshalls. They have patterned, black, and sweater tights. No reason to stress about the price.
Don't be afraid to be creative!

Fur Flurries

While I'm not a member of PETA, I'm not a card-carrying member of the hunting club. Personally, I have no problem with wearing fur. I know others do, so everything I suggest is made with faux fur. But if you would like to wear real fur, then be my guest.
If not this winter then absolutely next, fur is on the climb. It had been deemed tacky for a little while, but it is back and in more forms than ever. Plus it's cozy and versatile. It will definitely keep your warm, not to mention feeling cozy when other people are close to you.
While the snow hasn't been abundant here, I'm told it will be so I've been trying to stay as warm as possible. A few -3 degree mornings have definitely put me in my place. I assume it can only get worse. I have found that the parts of me that gets the coldest are my fingers, ears, and face. Fingers are easy, you just wear gloves. Ears are a bit tricky. Obviously a hat is the best option. Why not a fur or fur-lined hat?!
 I have seen quite a few cute little fur trapper hats. This one hailing from Urban outfitters, which has been abundant in faux fur accessories. This definitely solves the frozen ear problem. However, I have thin hair and it isn't very long, and underneath a hat like this I would probably look bald. So instead this is the kind of hat I'm dying for:
Laugh all you want, but I think it is adorable and functional. And I want one. Once I find one that isn't $400.
So both of these are definitely options for keeping your ears toasty warm. Even if you don't live in the snow, these are two accessories that will keep you looking adorable this winter.
Now to fix the last problem. A frozen face. I could just wear ski mask and walk around looking like I just robbed a bank or I could invest in a giant scarf. A giant fur scarf. Hold on to your furry hats, they make fur scarfs?! Why yes, they do.
And I've tried it on and I have fallen in love with it. And I think I could just walk around with my face buried in it, and my nostrils wouldn't freeze every time I inhaled.
It's just a big circle you wrap around your neck. I'm not a scarf person. Not even a little bit. I wear scarves on my head, not around my neck. So the fact that I am so infatuated with this scarf is a bit surprising.
I think investing in fur accessories is your best bet. Those are the things that will be most in style, as opposed to a dress or purse or jacket.
Although, I'm definitely not opposed to a jacket. At many a retailer I have seen some cropped faux fur jackets, and I think they are a fabulous holiday accessory. Yes, I'm back on the holidays. They definitely should be worn when being somewhat dressed up. Unless you want to go for a grunge 70's groupie kind of look. I think they adorable. So definitely don't refrain.
Go get your fur on!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beige Craze

I am so infatuated with this color. Specifically in a trench coat. But just in general as well. I am a neutral-color hound. Grey, black, white, beige. If it is plain and boring then I love it. That's a bit of  dramatization, but you understand.
I think for spring beige is going to be a big item on the shelves, so I definitely recommend investing in some now before it's overpriced and sold out. I think it is ingenious having a beige trench coat, because it allows this large coat to not be the key piece in your outfit. Also you can wear it with really dramatic colors and prints without looking ridiculous.
I also think a dress with a beige crochet overlay is adorable and very girly. My favorite colors to pair this with could have to be a light pink and soft gold. Oh, and pearls. I think it's a really put together look, and the color is definitely very mature.
So you should go get a/an:
  • Beige trench coat
  • Off-white with crochet/lace dress
  • Gold ballet flats
  • A short string of large pearls
  • A light pink bow for your hair or light pink wayfarer sunglasses
Those are my favorites. I wish I owned all these items so I could put this outfit together and demonstrate how adorable it would be.
Now I should probably discuss an outfit to wear this with that isn't quite so girly, since not everyone loves bows and pearls like I do. So let's compromise...
How about:
  • A beige trench coat
  • Dark denim cigarette jeans (slightly high-waisted)
  • A worn-in vintage tee from your local goodwill tucked in
  • Ankle boots with a wedge
  • and layered gold necklaces
See, I can give both sides of the coin. I definitely think both of these outfits are do-able. And not for outrageous prices either.